Stop Press: Free Event at the National Portrait Gallery: Friday 24 June at 6:30pm. Helios Collective and Bury Court Opera

Imagine that Anton Chekhov, Tchaikovsky and Mussorgsky (among others) have come back to life and been transported to 21st century London.  They are all invited to an evening of salon entertainment – what would they think? Are their works still relevant?  This sets the scene for the evening: Room 20, Floor 2, National Portrait Gallery.

The Russia and the Arts exhibition has been on at the National Portrait Gallery since March and closes on 26th June.   The exhibition focuses on the great writers, artists, actors, composers and patrons whose achievements helped develop an extraordinary and rich cultural scene in Russia between 1867 and 1914.

To mark the end of the exhibition, Helios Collective and Bury Court Opera are presenting an evening of salon entertainment featuring works by, for example, Mussorgsky, Tchaikovsky and Rimsky Korsakov (with singers positioned adjacent to the relevant portrait) as well as 21st century composers including Stephen Barlow and Lewis Murphy. 


Modest Mussorgsky                        Ricardo Panela, Bass Baritone

Nadezhda I.Zabela-Vrubel            Emma Walsh, Soprano

 Petr Tchaikovsky                             Nick Morris, Baritone

Anton Chekhov                               Kieran White, Tenor

Salon Singer                                     Ilona Domnich, soprano