Aurora 2019

By  Noah Mosley

Conductor - Noah Mosley

Libretto - Elisabetta Campeti

Director - Aylin Bozok

Designer - Holly Pigott

Lighting Designer - Ben Pickersgill

Based on an Italian folk story and set in the Dolomite mountains, the libretto tells the tale of King Doleda whose daughter is withering before his eyes as she suffers from a terrible illness of the night which also killed her mother.  He is desperate to save her, and when the King encounters a charismatic Wise Woman in the woods, the Princess journey of self-knowledge, spiritual awakening, sacrifice and love is set in motion. The powerful story deeply resonates with our modern times. Aurora is the second opera BCO has commissioned from Noah Mosley. His first, Mad King Suibhne was very well received when it premiered at Bury Court in 2017 (Mosley has a gift for melody). Conductor Noah Mosley


Aurora - Isolde Roxby

Prince - Dominic Bowe

Wild Woman - Katherine Aitken

King - Andrew Tipple

Mountain Witch - Jean-Max Lattemann 

Prince /Owl - Magid El Bushra


'Mosley’s score is a thing of wonder…crafted so well that the resulting creation feels extremely original, and indeed unique.'

                                   Sam Smith, Music OMH 5*

'Mosley excels at open-hearted lyricism and large-scale ensembles'

                                   Yehuda Shapiro, The Stage 4*