Mad King Suibhne

By  Noah Mosley (2016)
Libretto - Ivo Mosley
Director - Ella Marchment
Designer - Holly Pigott


Suibhne, a young king - Dominic Bowe
Ailill, a warrior and Gauire - Edward Hughes
Lynschechan, Suibhne's foster brother 
and Mad Man - Henry Grant Kerswell 
The Witch - Laura Woods
Eorann, Suibhne's wife - Isolde Roxby
Woman at Well and Lady - Raphaela Papadakis


"The enterprise, flair and innovation of this charming venue ... knows no bounds"
                                                                            Roderic Dunnett, Opera Now

"... Mosley clearly has a gift for melody..."
                                                        Yehuda Shapiro, Opera Magazine

"The audience was ... spellbound"
                                         Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill